Brazil World Cup 2014 The Mascote

Living in Brazil gives me, appart from working all day with franquias and cursos, the opportunity to experience,  how  all the preparations for the World Cup 2014 are running. I was living in Spain exactly 2 years before the ´82 Worl Cup started,  in Germany ´04 and now in Brazil ´012.

I remembered being a kid and drawing all day long “Naranjitos” the Spain´s 82´s World Cup mascot. For me and not because I´m spanish, one of the best ever in all FIFA´s World Cups. Well, the mascot for the 2014 World Cup is a very curious animal, the Tolypeutes matacus, tatu- bola” in Brazil.

Real animal that inspires Mascote for World Cup 2014This animal for defence purpouses like turtles , rolls up into the shape nearly of a ball and it is threaten with extintion. The nomination came up from the suggestion from a Brazilian Biologist, who wanted to help out this amazing and genuine brazilian animal, a vulnerable species, by nominating it as the mascote of the World Cupa 2014. His proposal was so sucessfull that the “tatu-bola”  was chosen, but
what´s the name of the mascote? It hasn´t a name  yet.

It´s the first time in the history of FIFA World Cups, that FIFA allows to the host country, Brazil, to vote until mid-November to choose the name of the “tatu-bola” as a mascot. Brazilians and us have 3 name choices – Amijubi, from the words “amizade” and “júbilo” (friendship and joy) ; Fuleco, combining the words “futebol” and  “ecologia” (football and ecollogy) and Zuzeco, which is made from”azul” and “ecologia” again!!!  (blue and ecollogy) The mascot’s announcement was made on a television show with the participation of Ronaldo who won 2 World Cups with Brazil (1994 and 2002) and who is named to be one of the main characters.


This the tatu bola the official mascote with the 3 colours of the brazilian flag. My choice for the name of the mascot is Zuzeco and I have already voted for Zuzeco. I am posting the URL of the FIFA for you to vote and participate in the election of the mascote´s name.

Participating in historic events make you feel so good. I voted for the election of the official match ball Brazil 2014 between 3 names: Brazuca, Bossa Nova and Carnavalesca. I voted for Bossa Nova and didn´t win. The official name is Brazuca suceeding Jabulani from the last World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Brazuca means something like ‘a national pride in the Brazilian way of life’. I thought Brazuca had a peyorative meaning, but I was wrong. They have already complaint not beacause of any meaning, but because of the difficult pronunciation of the 3 words and for a possible cacophony in portuguese.

It seems that FIFA will use Brazil a nature paradise and its World Cup as a platform to communicate the importance of the environment and ecology. Therefore the mascote will for sure be named Fuleco or Zuzeco. Meanwhile I will continue enjoying the nature and the great passion which Brazil has for football, that will be the key feature of the sucess of next FIFA World Cup.



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